Birthday Parties

Celebrate Your Child’s Special Day

Make your next birthday the best day ever at Dolphin Beach Entertainment!!!
Let us take the stress out of organizing this year’s birthday party with a day out at Dolphin Beach Entertainment! Our kids’ birthday party packages suit guests 5 - 13 years of age and are available for a minimum of 10 guests.

Birthday Party Packages Include:

  • Unlimited Supertube sliding for the duration of the party
  • Reserved Shaded Picnic Area
  • 2x Wooden Combo Picnic Tables
  • 1x Party Banner
  • 2x Free Admission Passes for Supervising Parents
  • Gift for Birthday Child (1x Free StayWetPass Return Ticket and 1x Free MiniGolf Return Ticket)

  What you may bring:

  • Decorations of your choice
  • Paper/Plastic cups and cutlery (Remember a plastic knife to cut the cake)
  • Birthday cake with sweets, cold drinks and treats of your choice
  • Snack platters for attending parents

  Please do not bring the following:

  • Any glass objects or steel cutlery
  • Any alcoholic beverages
  • Any sharp metal objects such as knives

Birthday Party Packages Available:

1 Hour Party


R600 (for up to 10 children)


Additional child:  R50pp

2x Free Supervising Parents

(No slides included)

Additional parents:  R20pp

(No slides included)

Parents sliding must buy slides or pay R50pp
Add 1x Game Mini Golf:  R20 per child
Add any 6x Amusement Rides:  R90 per child


2 Hours Party


R800 (For up to 10 children)


Additional child:  R70pp

2x Free Supervising Parents

(No slides included)

Additional parents:  R20pp

(No slides included)

Parents sliding must buy slides or pay R70pp
Add 1x Game Mini Golf:  R20 per child
Add any 6x Amusemnent Rides:  R90 per child

3 Hour Party


 R1000 (for up to 10 children)


Additional child:  R90pp

2x Free Supervising Parents

(No slides included)

Additional parents: R20pp

(No slides included)

Parents sliding must buy slides or pay R90pp
Add 1x Game Mini Golf:  R20 per child
Add any 6x Amusement Rides:  R90 per child


  1. The event organizer hereinafter refers to as the “customer” (Person who makes the booking) must have the permission of all the adults/guardians of the attendees/participants.
  2. Only appropriate standard suitable swimwear will be allowed to slide in. No denim, any metal objects attached to clothing, underwear as swimwear, boxers or nudity will be allowed.
  3. All normal rules of the Park, which include the Supertube and Mini-Golf Course must be adhered to by all attendees at all times.
  4. All instructions given to the attendees by the trained staff of Dolphin Beach Entertainment must be obeyed at all times.
  5. Any misbehaving or misconduct by the attendees/participants is not allowed.
  6. Any attendee/participant creating a safety risk for him/themselves, the safety of other attendees or other guests, will be denied taking further part in the event and might be asked to leave the Park.
  7. No running around on the mini-golf course, around the pool or inside the tower is allowed.
  8. Misbehaving in the bathrooms, damaging any of the bathroom equipment or trashing the bathrooms are not allowed.
  9. No food/cake/sweets/cold drinks cans or paper cups are allowed on the paving around the pool, inside the pool or inside the tower.
  10. No rubbish or litter to be left behind after the event. Plenty of bins are available in the park.


  1. The customer is completely responsible for providing adequate adult supervision for all the children attending the party, for the entire duration of the visit.
  2. The customer is completely responsible for the well-being and behaviour of the children.
  3. The parents/guardians of the children under the age of 18 attending the event have been fully informed of the activities planned for the event.
  4. Dolphin Beach Entertainment reserves the right to ask any person/s attending/participating in the event to immediately leave the premises if found guilty of 4.1 acting destructive and/or, 4.2 acting abusive and/or, 4.3 not complying with safety and park rules and/or, 4.4 not obeying instructions from Dolphin Beach Entertainment employees.
  5. All persons entering the premises and/or participating in the event do so at their own risk. The customer, therefore, waives any claims of whatsoever nature against Dolphin Beach Entertainment and/or its employees in respect of any loss, damages and/or injury whether the same is as a result of any negligent act or omission on the part of Dolphin Beach Entertainment or its employees or by third persons or by way of any defective equipment or materials supplied by Dolphin Beach Entertainment, nothing at all excepted.
  6. Any damages done to Dolphin Beach Entertainment property by the attendees/participants are to be paid for by the customer in full, for the total amount of either replacement or repair.
  7. The park will be open to the public during the event and all participants must, therefore, be mindful and respectful of other customers at all times.
  8. Birthday Party dates are not available during the period 1 December to 15 January or any other government school holidays. 

Birthday Party Booking Request

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How do we protect the information you supply in this form:
To comply with the POPI Act, your personal information is processed on secured networks and is only accessible by a limited number of persons who have special access rights to such systems, and are required to keep the information confidential. We will not share your information with third parties.

Schools, Youth Groups, Camps

Dolphin Beach Entertainment has some fantastic group rates available. The bigger the group, the bigger the saving. Make your next organized group function super exciting!!!


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