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A Very Rewarding Seasonal Job at the Eastern Cape's Famous Fun Park

Looking for seasonal employment where you’ll learn lots of new things and work in a fun atmosphere? Are you a person that enjoys the fun and excitement of interacting with the public in a positive environment? Looking for a flexible schedule? Join the dynamic team at Dolphin Beach Entertainment and enjoy a rewarding experience this season! At Dolphin Beach Entertainment, we not only offer employment but the opportunity to meet new friends and have fun in the process! Many of our Team Members have never worked before. They find that the friendly and fun atmosphere here is a great place to get experience.


Our Basic Requirements for Employment 

  • You must be between the ages of 16yrs and 20yrs at the time of application.
  • Must reside within a 16km range from Jeffreys Bay Main Beach.
  • Be honest, trustworthy, reliable and friendly.
  • Be responsible and hard working.
  • Be outgoing and comfortable working with people.
  • Able to work various shifts over weekends, school holidays and public holidays.
  • Able to work in the sun & shade.
  • Able to stand for long periods of time.
  • Be willing to learn and undergo free in-house training.
  • Maintain high safety standards and accomplish a variety of other tasks.

Our Employee Dress Code & Grooming Standards

  • Hair:
    Clean, neat conservative cuts and styles. Natural hair colours only.
    No hair embellishments, beads or trinkets. Males are expected to be clean-shaven daily.
  • Jewellery:
    Earrings are limited to one matching pair, studs worn (1) in each earlobe (females only).
    No anklets. No toe rings. If a neckless is worn, it must be worn under your uniform.
    One watch on the wrist is acceptable, as long as it does not detract from your uniform or interfere with your duties.
    No more than one bracelet on either wrist. Limited to one ring per hand, no thumb rings.
  • Cosmetic and Body Modifications:
    No visible piercing with jewellery or implants is allowed. No tongue rings, piercing or studs.
    No visible tattoos. (Must be covered up by your uniform). Males may not wear facial makeup.
    Females are limited to natural, fresh-looking conservative makeup.
  • Fingernails:
    Nails must be clean and short.
  • Personal Hygiene:
    General personal hygiene is very important.
    Bath on a daily basis and use deodorants or perfumes.

Seasonal Jobs Available

Waterslide & Pool Attendant

Specific Requirements:

  • Be able to swim and be comfortable in a pool.
  • A minimum length of 1.6m. 
  • Able to work in the sun & shade, in and out of the water in varying weather conditions.
  • More suitable for males due to the physical duties involved.
  • Shifts are only available at weekends & school holidays from 24 September to 30 April.

Basic Duties:

  • Ensure all guests have wristbands before entering the waterslide area.
  • Hand out and collect lifejackets.
  • Collect elastic bands from guests for the PayPerSlide option or check their wristband for StayWetPasses.
  • Ensure guests comply with our swimwear dress code before sliding.
  • Manage and control guests entering the waterslide.
  • Supervise, manage and control guests entering and exiting the pool, and assist guests where needed.
  • Clean the waterslide area on a daily basis.
  • Always act responsible and maintain our high safety standards.

Amusement Ride Operator

Specific Requirements:

  • Able to work in the sun & shade in varying weather conditions.
  • Shifts are only available at weekends & school holidays from 24 September to 30 April.

Basic Duties:

  • Clean amusement rides, equipment and surrounding on a daily basis.
  • Collect ride tokens from guests.
  • Load and unload guests on amusement rides.
  • Operate an amusement ride in a responsible and safe manner.
  • Supervise all guests while on an amusement ride.
  • Always act responsible and maintain our high safety standards.

How To Apply?

  • Complete and submit this form online, or
  • Download it at the bottom of the page, complete it and deliver in person or e-mail it to us.

(To comply with the POPI Act, your information is stored on a secure server with limited access. Your details will not be shared with third parties.)

Optional: Download this application form

If you prefer to manually complete this form you can e-mail it to us, or hand it in at the park during operating hours.


Contact: 0714115106




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Office & Whatsapp Number:

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Dawie Pitzer 

071 411 5106


Managing Director:
Stephanus Ferreira  
082 4454014


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